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First of all, CONGRATS on your engagement!! What an exciting time to be planning the most important day of your life! It's your wedding day and you've been dreaming about this forever! My job as your photographer is to give you complete peace of mind that every detail that you've planned is perfectly captured! That way in 50 years when you're showing your grandkids your wedding album, they are able to experience every emotion and moment of your day through pictures! I don't just love what I do because I love pictures and weddings, but I truly am passionate and excited about marriage!! Which is really why I love getting to know you and hear your love story! That way on your big day I am another friend celebrating the day alongside you! I'm really in this business to make girlfriends and grab coffee dates, so how about we set one up and grab a white mocha (my treat!) and chat about the day you've been dreaming about forever! 

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