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Hey, Future SP Bride! I’m Stephanie Parshall. I fell in love with photography while on an 8th grade trip to Alaska, where I went through 20 rolls of film and learned that I kinda liked this whole taking photos thing. Skipping ahead to days spent in a photo lab, a semester abroad in Australia, and way too many cups of coffee later, I got to photograph my first wedding! Just like your own wedding day, I felt overwhelmed at first, but over the years, I’ve tinkered and developed a special one of a kind wedding experience.


Today, I serve a tight group of very special brides and grooms locally and abroad. I spend the rest of my time making travel plans and co-leading a local creative entrepreneur group because I believe in community and the wonderful inspiration it brings. So let’s get together, talk about what excites you, and discover what will make your very special day truly yours!

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